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Common Questions

I. Retrieve the password:

        Please click on the "Forgot your password?" Link in the login page to enter the user name you used to log in to your love order web site. An activation address will be generated and sent to your registered email address (only after you confirm your login email address) , To set a new password), after the completion of the setup please log in with a new password.

If you did not enter the original registration email information, please contact our customer service, our customer service will help you find the password.

        At the same time please keep your password properly, so as to avoid password leakage.


      Second, common problems:

        1, I would like to ask what is your shipping costs?

        A: 1, near the online shopping store in the district, will be free to the agreed address of the online shopping store, pick up your pick up code;

                2, no shopping district network, still be delivered to households;

        No network shopping shop district distribution Description: This area refers to the scope of customer distribution required by the company must be within the scope of the large area (currently supported within the Third Ring Road), not in the distribution area for the time being as a delivery service object. The amount of 50 yuan / single or more, free delivery; if less than this amount, then press 5 yuan / single standard delivery costs. Note: Customers without community shopping service need to reserve one day in advance.

        2, your vegetables can guarantee fresh?

        A: We have a professional fresh procurement system, vegetable planting base, and all kinds of fresh grading, finishing, cleaning, cutting, preservation, packaging and processing, to maximize the maintenance of fresh nutrition, edible ratio up to 95%; At the same time, we also have "three Xian fresh grade" fresh produce, storage, send fresh "service delivery standards, with a professional testing process to ensure food safety, with a strong online store terminal distribution network to ensure daily delivery Service


        3, your delivery time is what? How long to place an order?

        A: Monday to Friday the same day 0: 00-24: 00 orders, you can choose the next day 11: 00-13: 00 or 16: 30-19: 00 pickup (excluding Saturday, day); Saturday, Day only supports delivery in the morning (11:00 - 13:00); national holidays only support delivery once in the morning (11: 00-13: 00).

        4, your special vegetables can guarantee fresh?

        A: The special price vegetables are just as fresh as other vegetables. The special price vegetables are a part of the profit sharing activity that we or our suppliers and vegetable suppliers pay for their customers.

        5, why my order can not be submitted? Can not choose cash on delivery?

        A: It may be because you fill in the shipping address is not in our distribution or you have not selected delivery point, your order will appear unable to submit the situation, so please be sure to fill in the shopping address and specify the shipping address Pick up point. Can not choose cash on delivery, is your choice of delivery area does not support cash on delivery.

        6, why I can not log in website shopping?

        A: We usually maintain and update the website daily. If you can not log in normally, first check whether your username or phone number and password are correct and confirm whether your browser supports COOKIE.



How to shop on the website?


1) Register as a member Select the product you want to buy, click the "Add to Cart" button below the product you want to buy, the product will enter the shopping cart;

2) OK to buy list of goods, directly click on "to settle", followed by click to fill in the relevant information, the last order number can appear.

 2. How to check the order?

1) After landing this site, click on the user center - my order inquiry;

2) The site is currently unable to check anonymous users, you can click on the home page online service query.

3. How to check account balance?

1) Log on to our website, enter your user name and password, click on the right side of my "User Center" - "money management" to see the red body: Your account balance: S $ ***

4. Why the actual receipt of the amount and amount of my order with the discrepancies?

1) The order amount is based on the amount of goods you purchase, if the delivery quantity and your pre-order quantity slightly deviation, so the actual consumption amount and the order amount slightly deviation

          We will send you a detailed list of goods with the actual quantity and amount, based on the actual amount of the list of goods you have received.

5. How to get points?

1) Users registered in this site, as long as the site in the purchase of any product, you can get the corresponding points, 1 yuan = 1 point.

2) Points can participate in activities and get the corresponding points.

3) Anonymous users to order, can not enjoy the points.

4) Pay with coupons, users do not enjoy points.

 6. How to use points?

1) Points can be used in the purchase of physical goods points directly with the deduction amount.

2) Points redemption rules: 100 points can be deducted 1S $

7. How to become VIP member, VIP can enjoy what discount?

1) To become a VIP member must first register to become a user of this website, after the purchase you need to log in, you can become our VIP member in the following two ways:

The first way: your spending accumulated enough 2,000 yuan, to upgrade directly to our VIP members;

The second way: your one-time top-up 2,000 yuan, it will immediately become our VIP;

2) VIP members can enjoy this site VIP price.

How to recharge?

1) Recharge Method 1: Online Recharge, after login, click on "User Center", click "Money Management" - "Recharge", select the payment method, fill in the reload amount, click Submit application, confirm payment.

2) Recharge Mode 2: delivery staff directly to the door to collect, if you need offline recharge, call us to call customer service charge, recharge within 12 hours of success, after the success we will again call you to confirm.


9. How to invoice?

1) If you need to invoice, please leave the type of invoice, company name and invoice contents before submitting the order, the invoice will be delivered when we deliver the goods to you;

2) gift card and delivery card to pay the user, or with the gift card and the prepaid card to recharge the balance of the user, can not invoice.


10. How to contact us?


1) You can contact us online by clicking the online customer;

2) You can leave a message on the website, let us know your opinion and suggestion to us.