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shopping process

1. Selected products:

If you do not know how to choose the product, we suggest that you can start from the classification to find the right product for you. If you know what you are looking for, you can find it by searching directly.

2. Add to Cart:

After you select a product, click the "Add to Cart" button on the product details page to automatically add the product to your shopping cart. If you do not want to see the product details, you can click "Buy" Button to add directly to the shopping cart. At this point, you can also continue to select the goods, the goods you want to buy into the shopping cart, and finally settled together.

3. Login / Registration:

 In order to allow you to enjoy the shopping process we love the order to bring you the satisfaction of the network, so I hope you before the shopping or confirm the order to complete the landing process.

If you are an old member of the love order network, please log in directly at the login window.

If you are a new member of the love order network, please register in the registration window on request.

4. Confirm the order information and submit:

(1), View Cart Information:

When you have already selected a good product into the shopping cart, you can use the shopping cart detail page to view the purchased goods. At this time, you can modify the number of goods, types and other information until satisfied.

(2), fill in and check the order information:

When you confirm the shopping cart information, you can click on the "Enter Billing Center" button, fill in your order information and check.

A, you can fill in the consignee name, phone number, landline, shipping address ("Select History", the above information can be the default for your registration information is the same, and the shipping address must be within our delivery range)

B, you can fill in the delivery time, according to your needs choose delivery time.

C, choose payment method: 1, online payment. Choose China UnionPay, Alipay third-party payment platform online payment; 2, the balance of payment. You can first recharge the stored value account (member account), the recharge method is 1. Store recharge: You can recharge to our recharge point. 2. Alipay or UnionPay to pay recharge: You can recharge the membership card directly on the website through the third-party payment platform.

D, you can re-confirm your order and the amount of goods, you can use vouchers when settling or participate in other promotions, promotions.

E, if you have additional requirements for the order and our service, please enter your comment in the "Remarks" box.

(3), to submit the order:

When you confirm the order, you can click the "Submit Order" button and your purchase order can be generated. You can view the order details on the "Member Center" page.

5. Receiving and closing the transaction:

(1), modify the order:

 You can view the current status of your order through your Affiliate Center page, and view and edit your order details again. Note: You can not modify an order if the order status has Picking, and if you re-order it, you will need to reconfirm and submit the revised order.

Note: In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of your order, if you need to modify the order, you need to cancel the current order and place a new order!

(2), inspection and pickup:

When our goods arrive at your pick-up point, you need to go to the pick-up point to check and pick up the goods. If you are not satisfied with the goods, please contact our customer service, and with reference to "after-sales service" for coordination.

(3), the transaction is completed:

The transaction is completed when you have successfully inspected and removed the goods from the pick up point.